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Coronavirus Fun

Share your funny videos, memes and pictures about your coronavirus experience

Coronavirus treatments

Labs and scientists around the world are searching for a treatment for the Covid-19 disease. This category is here to share news about possible coronavirus treatments and medication that may have a positive effects on the spread of the virus. This category shouldn’t be understood as a place to find the perfect remedy against the pandimic, it only delivers scientific data and articles on new scientific breakthrough.

Pandemic News

This is the place to share breaking coronavirus news, to follow the evolution of the pandemic.

Covid-19 Experience

Do you have Covid-19? This is the place where to share your Covid-19 experience. Are you quarantined at home? Are you already at the hospital? How do people react? Did you lose friends? How does your daily life looks like? Please explain how it’s like to have the Covid-19 disease.

Coronavirus Experience

This is the place where to share your coronavirus experience. Are you locked at home? How does the lockdown affects you, your children, your daily life. Just share your feelings about your current situation and how you cope with it.

Site Feedback

Discussion about this site, its organization, how it works, and how we can improve it.

Covid-19 Recovery

This is the place for people that have recovered from Covid-19 to share their experience, tips and tricks about how they battle the new coronavirus and how it is to be immune against the pandemic. How do you now see your new life? And how you want to help others to go through.

Test Experience

A place to share your coronavirus test experience and to give bits of advice to those who are waiting to be tested.

Coronavirus Solidarity

This is a place to share any local or international projects to help elderly, poor and other sick people during coronavirus pandemic. Share and discover solidarity projects in your area… Get involved and let’s fight the pandemic together.