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Coronavirus is Unlikely to be End From the World: WHO

The World Health Organization has warned that the corona virus is unlikely to be eradicated, so the world must learn how to cope with the deadly virus. The World Health Organization (WHO) Director of Emergency Situations Michael Ryan revealed in a virtual press conference that the possibility of the corona virus becoming extinct in the world has disappeared, now we need to learn how to live with the virus and be aware. And its lethality must be combated through precautionary measures.

Michael Ryan called the spread of the corona virus a serious problem, adding that HIV has not yet been eradicated from the world and that another deadly virus epidemic is now looming on the horizon. Is. The virus should be taken seriously and the lockdown should not be rushed. Michael Ryan, director of the World Health Organization’s Department of Emergency Situations, called on the international community to develop an effective and low-cost vaccine as soon as possible, saying it would be impossible for the situation to return to normal before the drug becomes available.