My Covid Experience

Paranoia and fear in Bern, Switzerland

I feel always more people fear for their lives around me.

People don’t say ‘Hello’ anymore. They don’t even look at you when they walk nearby.

They are lost in their thoughts as if the coronavirus pandemic had turned everyone of us more selfish and self-centered.

I think they are scared of the consequences the coronavirus might have or has already had on their lives.

Now my new motto is to always say ‘Hello’ to keep the faith and a kind of human connection and touch with others.

We sure have to keep the distance between people, but don’t fear, hate or be scared of our neighbor. It’s only together that individuals are a force and power

By the way, I really like th idea of this forum/website. Keep up the good work!

I am also glad to have found this site. I will be able to let out all my frustration… Family is going crazy and thus we as parents are going nuts too.